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bringing physical, mental, & emotional
well-being to your dancers



Dancers In Balance is a collection of tools for dance studio owners and teachers to help their dancers find physical, mental and emotional well-being... to help them find balance. 

In an ever more competitive industry, young dancers are being pushed to extraordinary levels. If your dancers face times of low self-esteem, have poor eating habits, or have difficulty navigating tricky social situations- this program is for you! If your dancers have encountered bullies, needed advice about their futures, or have  trouble making friends- THIS IS FOR YOU! 

Over the past 18 years, Hillary Parnell has taught, guided and mentored thousands of kids through all the drama, struggles and intricacies that come with being a young dancer.  She and her team focused their attention on creating a safe place for dancers to be vulnerable, provided opportunities to build each other up, and taught them ways to identify and express their feelings. The result was confident, well adjusted, young women and men, and a virtually drama-free studio filled with love and compassion.


After realizing how much her dancers benefited from the activities, and how much the parents appreciated the efforts, she decided to scale the program to reach more than just the dancers in her own studio.


Now you, the studio owner, can use the Dancers In Balance Program Guide Book, Studio Kit, Workshop and Summer Experience, to develop your dancers' mental and emotional well-being as much as you do their physical skills.



The Dancers In Balance Guide Book is for studio owners and dance teachers interested in helping their dancers find balance in all areas of their lives. This book includes over 50 journal prompts and is intended to be used as a guide to create lessons for dancers to help them navigate through difficult social situations, gain confidence and manage the crazy schedule of a dancer and student. Don't wait! Get started today!



The Dancers In Balance Studio Kit includes the step-by-step guide book, core value studio posters, and reward cards to help reinforce the concepts. Bring this program into your classroom, your studio, or your competitive group and watch your students build confidence, bond as a team, and learn to navigate and mitigate drama. The Studio Kit will reach the most number of dancers and have the most impact on the morale and culture of your studio. Let's do this!



The Dancers in Balance In-studio Workshop will bring the best of the program to your students through a full day of activities. Our staff will work directly with your dancers whether you are introducing the program or have already been working through it. This fully-customized experience will be  transformative for your dancers and your staff. Contact us today so we can create a custom experience that's just right for your studio! It's going to be amazing!

“Change your thoughts and you change your world”

Norman Vincent Peale



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